Male Summer Fashion Tips

So, you’re ready to get out of your house and hit the outdoors but now you’re stuck… what do you wear? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to break down the top 5 summer fashion accessories for men.

1. Polos.

These are the kinds of polos you want to buy. Uniqlo, Sunspel, Ralp Lauren, Banana Republic, Perry Ellis. They’re understated, they’re a good fit, they’re light and of course they’re very fashionable. A common thread is that they’re not obnoxious.

2. Designer Sunglasses

I always recommend you get the classics of Aviators and Wayfarers because they can go with almost any outfit and in any occasion. However they can also be a bit “typical” so I suggest mixing them up with a vintage pair like Cazal Sunglasses. Find a pair you like and something you feel good in and throw them into the mix every now and again to make sure you’re spicing things up at a healthy rate.

3. Shorts.


Get yourself at least 5 pairs of shorts. You can hit the clearance racks and find some pretty good deals, the major point is to get some that are plaid, some that are stripes and some that are solid colors. Another major tip is no shorts that go down way past your knees. It’s not the 1990’s any more!

4. Shoes

The holy grail of shoes is as follows, boat shoes, flip flops, loafers, sneakers and slip ons. It can get expensive if you’re buying them all off the rack so try to look for deals. For loafers you may need a couple different pairs, but again if you’re on a budget then I’d suggest just getting black loafers. If you have at least one of each, you’ll have something to wear for every occasion and you’ll always look like you know what you’re doing!


In conclusion, getting some of the basics will hold you over and you can mix and match everything from above. You can also check out some online communities like Reddit’s male fashion advice as they are plenty helpful for a newbie getting started. As always, if you have any questions, let us know by hitting the contact page!