Income Disclosure

It’s important for us to be completely transparent with our income disclosure because we want you to know what the driving force behind this website is. We obviously don’t charge for access to this website and there are no ads on the website, yet we do feature links to other websites on a somewhat regular basis so a lot of people come to the conclusion that the sites we link to must be paying us.

This is false.

This is completely false. We do not accept any money from websites that are linked from this website or in any way featured here. Our sole income from operating this website comes from our speaking opportunities. We have been keynote speakers at many conferences and this generates enough income to not only keep this site free in access but also keep ads off the site (we hate ads!).

With that being said, we do feel that the amounts we earn from our speaking engagements are private and so we do not disclose them publicly. This isn’t for nefarious reasons, but simply because we feel it’s not relevant.

We also want to make it very clear that we do no solicit your information, or use cookies on this site and so according to our terms of service we do not share, sell or in any way harvest your personal information.